Current Officers:

President: Mr. Joseph Gusman

Vice-President: Mrs. Linda Nagai

Secretary: Mrs. Wendy Terada

Assistant Secretary: Mrs. Janet Kunitake

Treasurer: Mr. Dean Uemura

Assistant Treasurer: Mr. Keith Hayama

Auditors: Mr. Steven Kaneko & Mrs. Pauline Oshiro

Resident Minister: Rev. Blayne Higa


The Kyodan (Board of Directors) is the main governing body of each Hongwanji temple. They are responsible for the day to day operations of the temple.

The Kona Hongwanji Kyodan was created with the establishment of the Hongwanji in Kona around 1897.

The Kyodan holds board meetings on every second Wednesday of every even month.

If you want to contact any board member please feel free to call the main temple office at: (808) 323-2993